Prof Lianzhou Wang

Lianzhou Wang is Professor in School of Chemical Engineering and Namomaterials Centre, the University of Queensland. Before joining UQ in 2004, he has worked at two leading national research institutions (NIMS and AIST) of Japan as a research fellow for five years.

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Prof Zhiping (Gordon) Xu

Professor Zhi Ping (Gordon) Xu is an expert in synthesis, characterisation and applications of anionic clays, i.e. layered double hydroxides (LDH) and related materials. In particular, Dr Xu has developed a reliable method to control LDH nanoparticles in 30-300 nm with a narrow particle size distribution and homogeneously disperse these nanoparticles in a stable suspension, and has also led a team to investigate the cellular drug(gene) delivery using LDH nanoparticles.

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Honorary Academic, Professor Max Lu

Max Lu was appointed VC of Surrey University, UK, early 2016 Max Lu was awarded an AO in January 2017

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