Congratulations to the many centre members and associates who were successful in receiving funding in the 2012 round of ARC Discovery Projects. 

Funding was given to centre projects  examining materials for solar energy technologies, clean water technlogies, biodiagnostics, thermoelectricity, and catalytic conversion technolgies.

A summary of each project granted, CIs and funding is given below.


DP130102699 Li, Dr Zhen; Lu, Prof Gaoqing M

Project Title: Nanostructure engineering of semiconductor nanowires for high performance thermoelectrics
Total: $310,000.00
Project Summary: This project aims to develop high-performance thermoelectric semiconductor nanowires for recovery of waste heat from automotive exhausts and industrial processes. The successful development of such technology would help save energy, reduce carbon emissions and create enormous economical and environmental benefits for Australia and the world.

DP130100268 Sun, Dr Chenghua; Yang, Prof Dr Huagui; Liu, A/Prof Gang

Project Title: To identify and to understand highly reactive surfaces for solar hydrogen production
Total: $260,000.00       
Project Summary: This project aims to develop advanced technology to produce hydrogen - carbon-free fuel - from water with sunlight as the only energy input. Using clean energy to replace fossil fuels can help address the issues of energy supply and reduce carbon emissions, which is critically important for a sustainable Australia.
DP130102274 Wang, Prof Lianzhou; Zhang, A/Prof Shanqing; Li, Dr Zhen

Project Title: Designing plasmon-enhanced photocatalysts for solar-driven water pollutant removal
Total:   $341,000.00       
Project Summary: The outcomes of this program will lead to a new class of composite photocatalysts for efficient water purification using sunlight. Such technology will speed up the transition of Australian environmental and energy industries from a fossil fuel economy to renewable energy economy.
DP130102905  Wang, Prof Lianzhou; Zong, Dr Xu

Project Title: Self-cleaning thin films for anti-reflective solar cell coatings
Total :  $396,000.00       
Project Summary: This project addresses an important industry need by designing a new class of functional composite coatings for efficiency and durability improvement of solar cells. A successful outcome will provide an important breakthrough in thin film technology applicable not only to solar panels but also other coating applications.

CIs associated with Nanomac
DP130102420 Du, A/Prof Aijun; Ng, Dr Yun Hau

Project Title: Non-precious fuel cell cathode catalysts from carbon-based nanohybrids: a computational to experimental quest
Total : $330,000.00
Project Summary: This joint computational-experimental project will address significant problems including high cost, limited availability and poor performance in traditional platinum-based fuel cell technology. The outcomes are expected to help address global energy problems through the development of inexpensive fuel cell catalysts based on carbon nanohybrids.
DP130103915 Yu, Prof Chengzhong; Nouwens, Dr Amanda; Prasadam, Dr Indira

Project Title: Optimisation of functional mesoporous materials for low-abundance biomarkers quantification towards biodiagnostic applications
Total      $340,000.00
Project Summary: Using state-of-the-art nanotechnology, a novel approach will be developed to quantitatively analyse low abundance peptides and proteins. This will aid in the detection of a biomarker in osteoarthritis, a disease affecting 3.85 million Australians. This project has significance for the early diagnosis and improved treatment of this disease.
DP130104459 Qiao, Prof Shizhang; Jaroniec, Prof Mietek

Project Title: Nanostructured non-precious metal and metal-free catalysts for sustainable clean energy generation
Total: $410,000.00
Project Summary: The innovative technologies for substitution of precious metal catalysts will be developed and used in fuel cells for clean energy generation in a highly efficient and sustainable form. This effort will lead to the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and the alleviation of environmental and climate change problems.

DP130104759 Yao, A/Prof Xiangdong; Yang, Dr Dongjiang

Project Title: One-dimensional nanostructured catalysts for heterogeneous catalytic conversion of

biomass to furan derivatives
Total: $360,000.00
Project Summary: A sustainable future depends on the partial replacement of petrochemicals, and the use of bioresources synthesise fine chemicals and fuels. This project will develop new-generation novel catalysts to make this possible by syntheisising essential starting compounds from biomass using a green chemical process.
DP130102151 Zhu, Prof John; Zhou, Dr Wei

Project Title: Development of novel cathodes for next generation solid oxide fuel cells

Total: $210,000.00
Project Summary: This project will provide novel cathodes to reduce the operating temperature of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) as
low as 500 degrees celsius. The technology may lead to widespread utilization of SOFCs, thus providing great
assistance to Australia's industries in term of reducing carbon dioxide emission and easing pressure from carbon tax.

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