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Understanding the Roles of Oxygen Vacancy in Hematite based Photoelectrochemical Process

Understanding the Roles of Oxygen Vacancies and Hematite based Photoelectrochemical Process Wang, Lianzhou, Wang, Zhiliang, Mao, Xin, Chen, Peng, Xiao, Mu, Monn...

Significant research progress on secondary Al-ion batteries published by Centre researchers in Advanced Materials

An Innovative Freeze-Dried Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported SnS

Critical research paper published by Centre researcher Prof. Gordon Xu in Nature Plants

Critical review paper by Centre researcher in Chemical Reviews

Titanium Oxide Nanosheets: Graphene Analogues with Versatile Functionalities Lianzhou Wang and Takayoshi Sasaki Chem. Rev.

Publication highlight: Centre research published as Frontpage article in Green Chemistry

Centre catalysis research featured on the front page of Green Chemistry


An n-Type to p-Type switchable photoelctrode assembled from alternating exfoliated titania nanosheets and polyaniline layers Brian Seger, Jonathan McCray, Aniruddh Mukherji, Xu Zong, Zheng Xing, Lianzhou Wang  

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