Centre RDH student Erika Fiset won third prize in the best poster awards at the Annual Word Conference on Carbon 2012, held in Krakow, Poland last June.

Her poster, Effects of Particle Size and Graphitic Structure on the Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitance of Silicon Carbide-Derived Carbons in Aqueous and Organic Electrolyte, earned her a EURO cash prize and a certificate.

Carbon 2012 is an international conference dedicated to the latest advancements in the science, technology and applications of carbon. The conference provides a forum for academic and industrial  researchers, engineers, students and innovators to summarise the recent achievements and research activities  made in the area of carbon. The aim of the conference series is also to facilitate and promote the need of international collaboration and knowledge exchange in carbon materials, while preserving the dynamic competitiveness in research and its commercial applications. 

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