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Luqman Atanda

Biomass conversion to Liquid Fuels

Kuk Nam (Daniel) Han

Development of a computational approach to porous desalinating materials

Jingwen Zhu

Meng Zhang PhD Student Nanomaterials Centre School of Chemical Engineering The University of Queensland St Lucia, Brisbane, QLD 4072  Australia

Mehri Ghasemi

   PhD Student Education:  

Mengmeng Hao

  PhD Student Education:  

Miaoqiang Lyu

Low-cost, high efficiency perovskite solar cells

Mu Xiao

PhD Student Education:  ...

Peng Chen

  PhD Student Education:  

Shiyu Yan

 Miss Shiyu Yan

Songcan Wang

Songcan Wang

Supphasin Thaweesak

 PhD Student Education:   ...

Swathi Mukundan

Swathi Mukundan P...

Xia Huang

   PhD Student Education:  

Xiaobo Zhu

Mr Xiaobo Zhu PhD Student Level 5 AIBN Building No. 75 Corner College and Cooper Roads The University of Queens...

Yuxiang Hu

PhD Student

Weiyu Chen

Weiyu Chen

Masih Rashidi

Masih Rashidi

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