• New barrier materials for solar cells (CRC Polymer program),  Lianzhou Wang

    Lianzhou Wang and his group joined the CRC for Polymers in the Polymer Solar Cells sub-program investigating new barrier layer and photoanode materials for new generation solar cells. This CRC sub-program will focus on one of the key challenging issues of cell encapsulation and stability of third generation solar cells. The group aims to develop a new class of composite thin films as better sealing materials for solar cell application. 

  •  Designing new layered materials for efficient solar energy conversion (ARC Future Fellowship), Lianzhou Wang

    This ARC FF program will enable Lianzhou to focus on some exciting research programs in new nanomaterial design and development for efficiency solar energy utilisation including photocatalytic water/air purification, solar fuel generation and self-cleaning coatings.  

  • New cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. ( ARC LP ), Lianzhou Wang

  • Self cleaning thin films for anti-reflective solar cell coatings (ARC DP),  Lianzhou Wang

  • Designing plasmon-enhanced photocatalysts for solar-driven water pollutant removal. (ARC DP),  Lianzhou Wang

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